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If after enrolling you are not totally satisfied with your dental coverage, you may return your Certificate of Insurance within 10 days and receive a premium refund.
 With Spirit Dental, you can go to any dentist for full coverage, including preventive care, basic service such as fillings and extractions, etc., and major expenses, such as crowns, root canal, dentures, etc. Your coverage will become effective on the date you specify, pending receipt of your enrollment and first premium by the administrator.

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Georgia Dental Insurance (and FL, NC, SC)

The vast majority of Georgia dental insurance plans are available only as an "employee benefit" to members of a group. UNTIL NOW !    Now in SC, FL, NC too!

Now, in association with Spirit Dental & Vision, comprehensive individual and family dental insurance is being offered on an individual basis.  This plan offers true "group like" insurance coverage, not simply a discount plan, and you may go to any dentist for full benefits. You may select from a variety of plans, including lower cost plans for the budget minded, to high level plans for the best protection.
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