Short Term Medical Insurance
Short Term Medical Insurance
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Who needs Short Term Medical coverage?

  • Individuals who missed open enrollment and need coverage until the next open enrollment.
  • Students: Current students, or students just graduating from college and awaiting employment.
  • Workers who lost their jobs and are not covered under COBRA, or can't afford COBRA.
  • Early retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare coverage.
  • Individuals who are for some reason temporarily unemployed.
What is Short Term Medical coverage?

Short Term Medical coverage is comprehensive health insurance that you purchase for yourself and/or your family for immediate coverage and may continue for up to 12 months.  

Generally, candidates for Short Term Medical coverage are awaiting "open enrollment", between jobs or awaiting coverage under a group plan.   The advantage of Short Term Medical coverage is that premiums are very low, underwriting is minimal, and coverage can go into effect at a specified date, or immediately.    Coverage is issued in minutes.
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